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Winter Deck Decoration Ideas for Those With Awnings

Winter Deck Decoration Ideas for Those With Awnings  If you have an awning, you may want to decorate in time for the holiday season. There are actually a lot of great things you can do in order to spruce up your awning and celebrate winter and the holidays. Whether at home or a business, check out these ideas for decorating your winter deck to bring some winter wonder and cheer.


Twinkling lights are such a beautiful way to bring some holiday sparkle to everyone’s lives. Just pick your favorite type of stringed lights and go to town! Whether colored or a wonderful white, these lights are the perfect way to add some cheer and some luminescent decoration to your awning area.

Potted Winter Plants

Winter plants are a great way to provide some atmosphere. You don’t have to limit plants to just spring and summer as there are some hardy winter plants available that will look great on any deck. Some types of plants you can grow include Camellias, Ashton’s Pride, Ashton’s Snow, Snow Flurry, Frost Prince, or Elaine Lee; evergreen holly, a perfect plant for the holidays; snowdrops; crape myrtle; bergenia; and hellebore.


Wreaths are such a wonderful way to decorate for the holidays. They bring a bit of naturally inspired beauty wherever they are hung and are a holiday decorating classic. Whether you buy a wreath or decide to make it yourself, hanging a wreath is a great way to get into the mood and celebrate some Christmas spirit. The greenery looks great in contrast to the white snow, and this seasonal favorite comes in many varieties, ready to be hung. Whether you choose a wreath that is decorated with “frosted” twigs, is made up of grapevines, has winter flowers and pine cones studded in, or is composed of the many other materials that can make up wreaths, these round rings are the perfect touch for your awnings and deck area.

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