Weather Armor

Why Most People Prefer the Sun Setter

It is no secret that the Sun Setter is the preferred brand of awnings in the United States. This did not happen by accident. The company manufactures high quality awnings to keep you, your family and property protected from all kinds of damaging substances such as UV rays and passing showers.  The Sun setters come in two categories; the motorized type and the manually operated awnings.  The motorized awnings are operated elegantly by the touch of a button, while the manual ones are conveniently operated by the use of a hand crank that is provided with the awning when you make the purchase.

The sun Setter has several models in the market; Motorized, Motorized XL, VISTA, model 1000XT, model 900XT, Motorized oasis and Manual oasis. All these models are either made of the woven Acrylic or the traditional laminated fabrics. Models that are made of woven Acrylic include: Motorized; Motorized XL; VISTA; and Sun Setter Oasis while the traditional laminated fabric is used on the following models: Motorized; VISTA; 1000XT; and 900 XT. The fabrics are durable, they are available in different designs and colors, they withstand wear and tear and the price tags are absolutely pocket-friendly.