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What You Should Know About Window Awnings

What You Should Know About Window Awnings  Window awnings can add style and value to your home. They can be custom made or standard pre-made designs, depending on your specific needs. Awnings are usually installed to provide shade and weather protection, but are quite nice, decorative additions to your home. When installed over windows, awnings are efficient in reducing sunlight and glare. An awning is a lightweight frame construction over which a cover is attached. If you are planning to install window awnings, you should first understand all your options. Below is important information about the different types of window awnings available:

The Different Types of Window Awnings

Retractable awnings – This particular awning comes with a variety of great features. A retractable window awning can be pulled back or opened depending on your choice. It is known as a user-friendly awning. Its frame requires less maintenance. You can choose between a manual and automatic awning. Some retractable awnings are sensor-activated, while others can be controlled using a remote.

Stationary awnings – If you want to have an awning that is attached permanently to your wall, opt for a stationary awning. It can be customized with a classic design and style. It is specifically built to last a long time. Plus, it offers full weather protection. This type of awning is ideal for windows.

Basket awnings – A basket awning is available in different shapes and colors. There are many options to choose from. You can opt for a banana-shape basket awning or a spherical one. It is perfectly constructed to provide reliable protection from the sun and weather. Basket awnings are usually used by businesses such as cafes, bakeries, boutiques, etc.

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