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What Is an Awning?

What Is an Awning?  What if there was a way to increase space in your home while also providing a space for family members and friends to gather together and spend time outdoors? Well, there is! An awning is an extended, overhanging or secondary covering that is usually attached to the exterior wall of the house. The location of the awning is carefully selected above the window, the door, or along the sidewalk. The awning is intended to create more space for homeowners so that they can spend more time outside of the house, enjoying fresh air and good company. Weather Armor in Columbus, OH, offers safe and reliable awnings for your home, as well as tips on how to properly install your new awning.

Types of Awnings

There are currently three basic types of awnings on the market.

Full Awning

A full awning does not have to be extended from your wall. It is usually twice the size of your caravan’s living room and offers a serene place to relax outside. It is made from tent-like structures, but the quality, size, and materials can vary. Some full awnings have even used curtains to create a more elegant look.

Porch Awning

Porch awnings are much smaller and are quicker to set up and fix. They are specifically intended for people who will be staying outside for just a couple of nights. In most cases, they are erected just outside the entrance of your caravan to create a space for people to change out of their wet jackets before entering the caravan.

Canopy Awning

A canopy awning is usually fixed to one side of the van and can be either permanent or temporary. The permanent awnings will roll down and are equipped with integral poles to create stability. These types of awnings are much harder to set up and it is often recommended to use a professional service to ensure proper installation.

There are many benefits of installing an awning in your home. It will open up space in your home; it provides a perfect environment to relax out of the hot sun; it provides the privacy to change in public; it can also control the amount of light coming into the home and even the excessive rain that may splash into homes. You will find many great uses for your awning.