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“Top 4 Benefits That You’ll Enjoy With Your New Motorized Retractable Awnings”

“Top 4 Benefits That You’ll Enjoy With Your New Motorized Retractable Awnings”  There are two basic types of retractable awnings: The manually operated awning, and the modern motorized retractable awning. The convenience and ease of use that motorized awnings offer make it the preferred choice for many residential and business owners. Let Weather Armor show you how motorized retractable awnings can give you the sun and shade you want, whenever you want it.

Ease of Use, High Quality Comfort, Excellent Reliability and Durability

Weather Armor is one of the leading retractable awnings companies in Columbus, Ohio. The company offers a complete line of motorized retractable awnings in a wide variety of shapes, designs, colors and styles, to suit your needs and specifications.

The motorized retractable awning has become the home addition of choice for many Columbus residential owners. It’s lightweight, easy and quick to install, and gives you the comfort and flexibility to enjoy the shade and weather, and more functional living space than ever before!

When you’re considered a home addition project for your outdoor living space, have a look at the following benefits you’ll enjoy from motorized awnings:

    1. Motorized retractable awnings let you automatically unroll the awning for protection and shade against the direct sunlight and harsh UV rays, or light rain showers, or vice versa to enjoy an afternoon with your family.
    2. Motorized awnings have no vertical supports or standing frames get in the way of giving you an unobstructed view and space.

“Top 4 Benefits That You’ll Enjoy With Your New Motorized Retractable Awnings”

  1. Motorized retractable awnings can easily be unrolled or rolled back up with a touch of a button; either via a wall switch, remote control, or with programmed automated settings.
  2. Additional motorized awnings features and accessories also come in handy for anticipating change in weather and protecting your motorized awnings. You can synchronize your automated settings with weather sensors to detect for rain, sun and wind. Your retractable awnings will then roll up automatically the fabric if weather conditions are bad, or unroll when there is direct sunlight.

The great thing about getting motorized retractable awnings is that you’ll get better protection from harsh UV rays, as well as energy savings from the improved shade. By keeping your home cool (up to 20 degrees cooler) during the summer months, retractable awning can help reduce your reliance on air conditioning and saving up to 50-60% of your costs!