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Simple Cleaning Procedures to Stretch the Clean Look and Life of Your Awnings

Awnings are the most convenient options that let you enjoy the outdoors while providing protection from the harmful, direct UV rays of sun. They save your cooling cost as well when they provide unconditional support from direct exposure to sun, not to forget your expensive drapes and upholstery, which run a risk of getting faded in the absence of these UV shades. But as our awnings are one of the first focal points of the exterior of our house, we do need to keep them clean and tidy. So, how do I clean my awning?

Being an exterior structure also implies that our awnings are generously treated by birds for their droppings and the winds that sweep across and settle debris and dried flora on our UV shades, so let it not become an eye sore and spoil the overall appeal. You can delay the vigorous cleaning procedures if you don’t let the dirt and debris to settle down and get embedded in the fabric. The best way is dry brooming which simply brushes off dry twigs and debris. For a thorough on frame cleaning, a cleaning solution of water and mild soap does the trick. Allow it to soak into the fabric and scrub with a soft bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly and air dry. If there are some stubborn stains then you can spot treat them with a diluted bleach or detergent mixture.

If the fabric is rather large, then you can take it off and wash in the washing machine, again the soap solution should be mild and air dry is a must. Your awning fabric comes treated with a fluorocarbon finish to increase the water repellency factor, which gets reduced with thorough cleaning procedures after a period of time, say five years. So, a retreatment to reinforce the water repellency factor would work well.

Do remember to remove cobwebs and dust on the bars underneath the covering. Your awnings would retain their look if you keep repeating the cleaning routine every 2-5 months. So, how do I clean my awning? Regular dry brooming is the key and thorough cleaning after a few months. A little regular effort and you can stretch the clean look and life of your awnings.