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Deciding Between Colors or Stripes

Deciding Between Colors or Stripes  Unlike in the past when awnings were mainly used to provide shade and protection from wind and rain, today individuals and business use awnings to boost the appearance of their homes or businesses premises. It is important to consult an awning expert on a choice that coordinates with your home or business. One issue to take under consideration is deciding between colors or stripes.


Colored awnings are usually chosen to complement the architectural style of the house or business premise. For instance, traditional colors such as forest green, navy, or neutrals work best with traditional architectures. Terra-cotta, salmon, and beige solids work well with stucco-sided and Southwestern-style buildings. Solid colors also go well for homes with multiple angles architectural elements or rooflines. If you are adding an awning to a modern home, it is best to keep the design simple by using fabric solid colors.


Striped awnings work well with cottage-style or colonials homes. They can also be used in contemporary homes, but the colors should have elegant contrast or brightness. Stripes can also be used in edging-scalloped valances, which are a good choice for traditional shops and homes. It is important to pick patterns that are proportionate to the size of the structure that you are adding the awning to. Wide-striped fabrics may overwhelm a small ranch-style home while small stripes may appear busy on a large expanse of fabric.

Generally, the choice between striped and colored awnings depends on the style of the premises and the position you wish to install the awning. It is important to determine whether the awning will add color to the house or embellish your house façade. Another consideration is whether the awning is at the front of your home or is part of the patio. The experts at Weather Armor Awning in Lewis Center, Ohio would be happy to assist you in selecting and installing an awning for your home or business.