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Cleaning Your Awnings Easily

Dirty awnings can deteriorate the beauty of any home or business, and can reduce the number of people visiting a business just because of the bad appearance. Awning are exposed the damaging effects of the environment and hence become dirty easily. Below are some instructions for cleaning your awnings yourself:

Do It Yourself Awning Cleaning

  • Inspection of your awning to make sure it is free from rips as well as tears and is structurally sound
  • Choose good cleaner for your awnings that is designed for the awning materials
  • Spray the cleaner on the awning from top to bottom so that no streaks are seen when the cleaning solution runs down the awning.
  • Softly sponge or brush the awning. Be careful to not tear the awning but make sure to scrub dirtier areas thoroughly.
  • Now you may wish to leave the cleaning solution for a few minutes so that it can soak in to remove any leftover dirt and grim.
  • Finally, rinse the cleaned awning with water from top-down.

Now you are done and you have a beautiful clean awning again! One thing to be very careful of during this cleaning process is to use the correct cleaning solution for your awning type. Please read the description on the cleaner carefully before purchasing one for cleaning your awnings. And if it is time to replace your awning Weather Armor Awning of Lewis Center, Ohio would be happy to assist you with the installation of a new awning.