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Are Fabric Awnings Reliable?

If you’re looking at adding a fabric awning to your house, you might be concerned about what material the awnings are made from, and the truth is, not all fabric awnings are equal! The good news is, most of the best awnings are made from material designed to last.

In the past, fabric awnings were usually made of canvas. Unfortunately, canvas is much more likely to be troubled by mold or mildew—yikes!

Synthetic Fabrics

The best awnings you will find now are made from synthetic fabrics. These fabrics are intentionally designed to resist mold and mildew and are also sealed against the natural elements.

Laminated plastic, for instance, is a layered synthetic fabric that is then sealed with a dual layer of lamination to resist moisture. Acrylic awnings are woven and then sealed between two protective layers.

Also, many fabric awnings come with a warranty for that extra peace of mind. If something does go awry, you’ll have the coverage to get it taken care of!

Pops of Color

The other great thing about synthetic fabric is the wide variety of colors and styles you can get. It’s frustrating to add something like this to your house and not have control over exactly how it looks, but in this case, you can always find something that suits your taste and your home.

Fabric awnings are a wonderful addition to a porch or patio, providing comfort and protection from the elements so you can more easily enjoy your yard. Sturdy synthetic fabrics will keep you comfortable for a long time.